The offer for 1,099€ is called the Grand Slam Pack and including the launcher, oscillator, telescopic ball collector tube, mobile phone camera holder, remote control, power charger kit with 4 adapters and free shipping, but does not include balls. Balls are offered separately. 
Yes, the 2 year statutory limited warranty can be extended to 3 years limited warranty by registering your Slinger Launcher at www.slingerbag.com/warranty. The serial number for the registration you will find above the elevation knob.
The Slinger warranty is non-transferable and must remain in the possession of the original purchaser for the warranty to remain valid. If the Slinger is given as a gift, the recipient may register the serial number for the extended warranty. Please note the warranty is only valid within the market the original purchase is made. If someone gives or sells a bag to someone else, that is a problem as it voids the warranty. So if it is given as a gift and the person who registers it is the receiver of the present, that is NOT a problem as long as the person who received it also is the person who registers it. Once it is registered, it stays with the person -- or the warranty is no longer valid.
Yes, as long as you move to another country within the EU, as the extended warranty is only available for customers within the EU.
Please email our customer service team outlining the damage. Please include pictures or videos, the serial number of the Slinger Bag and a short description of the issue.
Battery Life depends on usage. If used on low settings including Oscillation then the battery life is up to 3.5 hours and this reduces to 1.5 hours when used at maximum speed, feed and oscillation including cell phone charging.
No, the Slinger Bag can’t be connected to power during use. The battery can only be charged when the Slinger Bag is not in use.
To fully charge the battery will take approximately 4 hours. Our smart charger cable will monitor when the Slinger Bag is fully charged and will automatically reduce to a charge pulse at that point to prevent any undue damage to the battery.
The lights on the front of the Slinger Bag that indicate a full charge are red, yellow, green, green. The power adapter light will turn green when the charge is complete.
  1. Please remove the battery from the Slinger to assess the battery connection cable. NOTE: The Slinger must be unplugged from the charger before removing the battery for safety reasons.
  2. Check the adaptor on the plug to the charger to see that it is securely attached. It will "click" in place when properly inserted.
  3. Next be sure that the charger connection that is inserted into the front panel of the Slinger is fully inserted. When charging, the charger will display a RED light. When charging is complete, the light on the charger will turn green.
  4. If you are having trouble charging the battery, make sure that the power cable has not become disconnected from the battery .If none of these steps work, contact our support team for further assistance.
The balls will bring some sand into the machine, but based upon our testing we foresee no problems, assuming you also clean the machine on a regular basis and avoid that sand builds up into the machinery, without maintenance. Within the SLINGER Bag documentation, you will find maintenance instructions.

The Slinger Bag itself does not oscillate. However, all of our Grand Slam Packs include an oscillator on which the Slinger Bag can sit and which allows the Slinger Bag to oscillate.
First, the SLINGER Bag needs to be placed on the oscillator and linked via the magnetic connector. Press "ON" for both the Launcher and Oscillator button on the remote control. The Oscillator will take 15 seconds to get powered up correctly before oscillation starts.

Please take care that the plastic lid on top of the cable from the Oscillator is removed before connecting with the launcher bag.
Slinger Bag can fit up to 144 Balls. Slinger recommends using 72 - 100 balls.

For optimum performance, we suggest 72 balls in the hopper while launching. Inside the ball hopper, the mesh walls are held in place by velcro. Please unattached the velcro at the top, pull the mesh tighter and attach again.
Slinger Bags launch speed goes from 16 up to 73kmh.

Slinger Bag weighs 15kgs without balls.

Yes. Slinger Bag has a remote control. The remote operates both the Launcher and the Oscillator "ON/OFF" from across the court.

Yes, on the backside are 4 screws which can be easily accessed to change the battery of the remote control.
The remote control is working in an range up to 30 meters depending on the environment. The range can be affected by surrounding buildings, electronic cables, etc.
No. It is for safety reasons that the Slinger Bag will only begin launching with a 2-step "ON" process (On switch "ON" first and then press "ON" on the remote to activate either the Launcher or the Launcher and the Oscillator).

Slinger Bag allows the user to modify ball speed, ball frequency and ball elevation independently.

The amount of topspin generated can be managed by altering the ball speed and elevation angle settings to find a launch sequence that works best for your game. SLINGER Bag is also easily moved on the court and we suggest testing varying court placements to find the best mix of placement, speed, angle and ball frequency for your level of play.

Yes, with the exception of Stage 3 Foam balls and any other kind of foam/shortex balls. After testing many different ball types we recommend using premium quality balls at all times in your Slinger Bag. We recommend and sell DUNLOP balls for an optimal performance.

The use of pressurized and/or pressurless balls depends always on the own preferences.
On the top of your Slinger ball tube you will see 2 ball holder clips. To release the tennis balls simple push those two clips outwards to open the ball escape opening.

  1. Ensure that you have removed the plastic cover from the magnetic connector at the end of the cable.
  2. Ensure that the magnetic connector on both the end of the Oscillator cable and on the Launcher control panel are free from dirt / dust.
  3. Press "ON" for both the Launcher and Oscillator button on the remote control
  4. The Oscillator will take 15 seconds to get powered up correctly before oscillation starts.
  5. If, for any reason, these steps do not work, please contact our support team for further instance.

Please turn first “off” the oscilliator and the launcher before checking the inside of the Slinger bag. Please check the inside of the launcher bag. It could be the case that a ball was accidentally pushed between the turntable and the metal plate above it and blocks based on this the way for all balls to fall through to the turning wheel. So the Slinger bag is still running but no balls are launched anymore. You can easily remove the stuck ball during the machine is turned “off”. After turning the Slinger bag “on” again, balls will be launched again normally.
The replacement portable battery is a 6.6 AH Lithium-Ion Battery. This battery is also rechargeable outside of the launcher and provides up to 3.5 hours of battery life at average speed and feed settings.
This depends on which airline you use and from/to where you are flying. In general, batteries up to 100 watt/hour are allowed in your carry-on luggage. That being said, the 6.6 AH Lithium-Ion Battery may be allowed onto your flight in your carry-on luggage. Please confirm this with your airline prior to your trip.

In keeping with our policy of constant product refinement, Slinger and Dunlop reserves the right to make product changes at any time without prior notice.